Internet bullying

Internet bullying is a form of personal attack which employs threats, pressure and intimidation through the avenues of internet technology. The bullying may take place by the use of messaging sites, blogs, online forums, electronic mail and other means of cyber technology. When internet bullying takes place, its victims are harassed, intimidated and are left with damaged reputations.

Internet bullying is also sometimes called cyberbullying or digital bullying. This type of harassment has become prevalent together with the rise of cyber technology. People now live in a world without borders. Almost everyone is connected through the internet. Data and information travel at a fast rate. Internet bullying therefore takes the concept of bullying to a much higher level. A single person’s small act of maligning someone can reach hundreds of people in a split-second.

There are many methods of internet bullying. It can range from the mere mention of mean words to something more dangerous such as death threats. Internet bullies may use crude, offensive and vulgar language in an attempt to affect the personal status and condition of their victims. The attack may be direct or indirect. Direct attacks are done when the attacker directly communicates the harrying words to the victim. On the other hand, indirect attacks are made through the online posting of malicious writings or commentaries.